Casino Software Developers

There are currently, over forty major developers of online casino software. For some of these developers, the quality of their products have established credible reputations for themselves in an industry rife with competition. Some of these well-respected names include Boss Media of Sweden, Microgaming of South Africa and PlayTech. These companies in particular, have shown themselves to be developers of high quality, reliable software and as such, merit our close attention. All have demonstrated leadership in the field and have attracted very favorable opinion from industry analysts.

Boss Media, based in Sweden, is one of the most professional organizations in the world of online gambling. They have 2 products, their main casino system, and their ad server product.
Their client software downloads easily from the Internet, enabling bettors to quickly start playing for real stakes in a secure environment. From the installer you can choose the games you wish to download from a screenshot. The user-friendly layout is simple and intuitive, enabling players to proceed without complicated instructions or command functions.
Their system offers both single and multiplayer action, and they are continually developing their systems to advance with latest technologies such as java for no download compatibility.
The gaming system is divided into the game servers and payment servers which employs the Webdollar transaction system, handling both deposits and withdrawals in a simple, fast, and secure manner. Within the client application, players can make deposits, request withdrawals, and view a log of preceding transactions via the Cashier module. All money transfers are encrypted and transported via a secure channel.
The game servers themselves are located in Antigua, Curacao and Montreal. The game server controls the user data, log files and credit balances, as well as providing the random data generation for the client game feedback. Each casino is a unix server which includes a secure firewall, private databases, fraud units, and payment modules. All client-server communications are encrypted with the same security standards most banks utilize for electronic transactions. The game modules are located server-side, ensuring the integrity of all game results.

Established in 1994, Microgaming is the oldest and one of the largest suppliers of online casino systems in the world. One the mainstays of the Microgaming vision is absolute fairness for the players. In the consumer-centric Internet environment, a safe and reliable gaming environment is instrumental in driving traffic and encouraging players to gamble.
Through their commitment to fairness and transparency, they developed a line of Credibility Technologies in order to provide credibility in the marketplace for all the operators of casinos powered by Microgaming. These are Pricewaterhouse Coopers Payout reports, PlayCheck player based auditing, and CashCheck player account activity reviews.
Microgaming has a good reputation among players and it is well deserved. Their software is sharp and easy to use. The speed of the cards is rather slow which can be a plus or minus depending on your preference. Some Microgaming casinos offer a feature in which you can check how much you bet on any given day, see a log of past bets, and a host of other information about your play. Microgaming casinos vary at how they conduct business but many are very generous bonus givers. The table game limits are $2 to $1000 and the slots and video poker machines take coins from 25 cents to $5.

Odds ON was founded in 1997and they have committed themselves to developing the most robust, stable client/server technology available.
The Odds ON software is both a Windows based application and a multi platform downloadable client software. The graphical elements are eye catching enough, and casino operators have the ability to customise with their own brand colours and graphics.
Their main core system is the games server which runs the gaming operations and connectivity with the players. The OddsON games server is built to readily accommodate any number of players or connections. Even more impressive, however, and unique to OddsON Inc., is that the server assures 100% uptime by employing fully-redundant capability; that is, if a player becomes disconnected from the server, their connection is instantly reestablished with an alternate server. The result is no interruption of gameplay and no loss of information to either player or casino. It follows that the player’s impression of your casino will be one of consistency, security, and trust.
Security is handled via Ecash and Verisign, instantly providing a good reputation and reliability. Virtual Exchange employs VeriSign’s proprietary security system using 128-bit encryption, the fastest and most secure encryption technology available. The VeriSign proprietary security algorithm, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is a symmetric key algorithm with key lengths several times longer than DES (the industry standard).
The result is 100% accurate, secure Ecash transactions, and the knowledge that the casino’s payment system utilizes the most dependable and advanced software in the world.

The Playtech mission is to provide a total online gaming solution the customers, providing them with all the elements necessary for success in their venture. They’re dedicated to continually improving the product in the areas of performance and operation ease. Playtech believes that running a profitable business begins with trust. To build that trust, a business must have a fair system, as well as the tools to keep clients and other business associates feeling secure and confident in the operation.
The Playtech solution has many built in features that encourage trust. They do not leave this to chance and are doing the best possible to ensure that the whole business relationship, between the casino owner, the players and any business associates the affiliates is a solid and a credible one.
All of the different types of transactions within the Playtech system are transparent, allowing players and affiliates constant access to every detail of their financial account and playing history. Players can view detailed playing histories, along with graphical depictions of each hand played and financial information itemizing every movement of their account for the last three months. When additional information is required, a customer service representative is always on call to respond to every query they might have. The information is always available online and in real time, affording deeper confidence in the casino.
The Playtech platform, including the backend, the casino clients, and each and every game have been fully tested and is supervised by accredited accounting firms around the world. The games are being tested for the monthly payout ratios and have been found to produce the average payouts known in the industry today.
Security is a central issue for Playtech, to which it seems they have devoted a great deal of resources and attention. The servers employ maximum security measures to secure the information entrusted to the online service. All confidential communications are carried out through secure channels protected by encrypted communications. Using the built in backend permission based accounting system, the database is also protected from unwelcome eyes.

Real Time Gaming (RTG) was founded in 1998 by Michael Staw who has over 20 years experience in the software industry. Real Time Gaming downloadable software is fast, fun, and easy to use. All of their casinos seem to offer bonuses of 10% or more to new players, up to a bonus of $250. The customer service and payment processing is usually very fast. Among their most competitive games are single zero roulette and full pay jacks or better video poker. Casino Merlin offers full pay deuces wild. Each casino may select their own slot and video poker payback but all seem to have full pay jacks or better. The only nuisance is that you have to fax in a copy of your credit card and drivers license for a withdrawal of $500 or more. Table game limits are $5 to $500, slots and video poker take coinages from 5 cents to $5.
Aside from this, there wasn’t a lot of information about themselves on the www, however after testing their games, we found that they were adequate and provided a nice graphical outlay on most of their games. One advantage Real Time might have is that they have a wide variety of games, and you won’t be stumped for choice when you visit the online casinos using Real Time software.