Download Online Casino Games

These days, online casinos usually offer two versions of their casino games: Downloadable casino and a so called “instant play” games. (All casinos are using different terms such as “online games”, “flash games, etc.) All Internet casino games are online games, which means you must be connected to the Internet while playing the games. Even if you are using a downloadable version, your computer still must be connected to the central casino server in order to keep track of money that you win or loose.

So, what is difference between the two types of casino versions?

Both types of games offer from 10 up to 80 casino games. Every game consists of three components: server backend, software permanently located on special computer named casino server and front-end software and a huge graphics file which users have to download from server to their PC to begin to play.

When user clicks “play instantly” button on casino website, he/she is asked to choose one of the available online games and then the user will receive casino front-end software. Now, it all depends on your connection speed. If you have a dial-up connection and 56k standard modem, it may take more than 1 minute to upload one game. For high-speed connection the download is almost instantaneous. So, suppose you have a standard 56k modem with dial-up connection and you want to play in City Club casino which offers more than 60 games including 15 video poker games, you will need to download and open one by one 15 games to choose among the video-poker games that you like. So it doesn’t look cool.

Now if you decide to play using downloadable version. You will be asked to download one large file, which will usually contain all the games. It will automatically install all the games on your computer and everything is ready in split-second. The procedure in this case (with 56k modem) will take around 15-20 minutes. However, now you start playing and switch from one game to another without any delay. Some casinos have more sophisticated downloadable versions of casino games. In this case you download only “Casino lobby software”, then choose first game, let’s say video poker, and your PC will start downloading all video poker games in a single shot and then you may choose and play any game.

So if you don’t have fast Internet connection, the downloadable games are a good choice for you.

Downloadable version Advantages:

1. You can try all casino games without waiting for every game to download.
2. When you what to play, you just need to run a program from your desktop.
3. Until recently, downloadable casino offered games with higher quality design and better choice of games then “instant play” casinos. Now situation is changing. You can choose any version of big Internet casinos and get a large variety of great games, superb graphics and music.
If you have a very slow connection we recommend you to visit the following casinos – 4G Casino, Lazy Joker Casino . They don’t have a lot of games but their software is oriented for user with low bandwidth connections. They offer light casino games.

Some people like to play casino games during their lunch at work. Very often they cannot download casino games because of company firewalls. In this case they should go to casinos offering great online games. (i.e. Roxy Palace Casino).