Casino Bonuses Tricks

As an incentive for new players, most online casinos offer a cash sign-up bonus. This approach can really boost your win and you should consider taking advantage of it. But unfortunately the world is more complex than it seems and To avoid disappointment in the future, everyone needs to spend few minutes to read “terms and conditions” before clicking on deposit button and get the promised bonus.

All casinos define conditions that should be satisfied before a player can withdraw the money. Usually, a player must make a certain number of wages before he/she can apply for cash-out. If is somewhat fair to ask a player to make some bets before withdrawing the money, since no one likes to give out money for nothing. Usually, the question becomes, how many times you have to wager that amount. Let’s call this number – “Wager Number” from now on.

Let’s choose casino where the wager number is between 10 and 25. Here are some examples:

“Roxy Palace Casino” has the best value that we could find so far, which is 9. So if you deposit $100 and get $100 bonus, after that you have to wager on $1800.

“Royal Dice” is very popular high ranked online casino. It offers to you 150% match bonus up to $100. So, if you deposit $100 you get $250 on casino account balance. Sounds good, BUT before you are be able to withdraw your money you will have to wager $6250 because their wager number is 25 (($100 + $150) * 25). It is ok if you are an experienced player, but if you just want to try online gambling this wager number is too high. It means, you will not be able to take money back and leave right at moment when you decide. This casino may not be the right for you.

Here is a paragraph from “Terms and Conditions” of City Club Casino. The outstanding part of these conditions is that you can withdraw any amount at any moment, but if you did not wager enough you are risking to loose your winnings.
“Please note that in the interests of fair gaming, we require you to have wagered a minimum of 20 (twenty) times your deposit and bonus before cashing out any amount higher than your initial deposit amount, up to $4,000 for each deposit plus bonuses made during the Fantastic Fortune Giveaway time. If you make a withdrawal before wagering 10 (ten) times your deposit and bonus, the bonus money and winnings will be removed from your account.”

Roxy Palace Casino 100% bonus up to $100, wager number is 9

Ruby Fortune Casino 125% bonus up $100, wager number is 15

City Club Casino City Players may receive up to $100 bonus up to 4 (four) times as per amount deposited up to $100, wager number is 20. For details read “Terms of use” of City Club Casino.

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